Ponna is a municipality of 254 inhabitants located at an altitude of 870 meters above sea level. It was born from the union of Ponna Inferiore and Ponna Superiore, which took place in 1756.
The foundation of this town is very ancient, as evidenced by the presence of some cupelli-shaped erratic boulders found in the area.
Some scholars trace the etymology of the name Ponna to the Greek term Peonia or Peona, some instead to Epona, an ancient deity of war and still others to the Etruscan word leponzio.
Some findings, currently preserved in the Archaeological Museum of Como, demonstrate that the area was already inhabited in Roman times.
The municipality then passed into the hands of various families, including the Viscontis, the Ruscas, the Marlianis and the Riva Andreottis.

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