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sentiero delle espressioni

The Sentiero delle Espressioni, thanks to a project that combines forests, art and tourism, was born from the collaboration between ERSAF, the Municipality of Schignano and the artists of the MASCHERA Association, known for their traditional carnival masks.

The skilled wood carvers have given life, with gouges and chisels, to forms of art in the woods: the bark and trunks of the trees have thus become expressions of joy and surprise, symbols of wisdom and fatherhood, intense and exciting faces.

The path leads the visitor to discover one sculpture after another, on a pleasant journey in the Valle Intelvi Regional Forest.

sentiero delle espressioni

How to reach the path: from the center of Schignano (Co), follow the signs to the hamlet of Posa (840 m), where it is possible to park. Proceed on foot (signs) in the direction of Alpe Nava (about 20 minutes), starting point of the Sentiero delle Espressioni (easy path).

sentiero delle espressioni


sentiero delle espressioni

From Alpe di Nava (950 m) we continue in the direction of the splendid Alpe di Comana basin (1,096 m), where there is a small lake (bubble), some rural buildings and an agritourism (Agriturismo La Pratolina). From the mountain pasture, with a steep but short climb, you reach the panoramic peak of Monte di Comana (1,210 m), from which a spectacular view of Lake Como opens up. Continue through the woods, following the edge of the ridge, in the direction of Roccolo del Messo (1,153 m), an ancient structure for catching birds recovered by ERSAF, and Colma di Binate (1,125 m), along the itinerary called "La Conca of Schignano". Some educational panels provide information on the rural architecture of the valley and on the regionally owned mountain pastures. From here, we continue at altitude reaching Crocette and then head along a mule track towards the slopes of Sasso Gordona where it is also possible to visit the trenches of the "Cadorna Line", a defensive system from the First World War. 

FORESTRY 2018 In the footsteps of the Great War

sentiero delle espressioni

From Crocette it is possible to go back down towards Posa along the ancient mule track, completing the itinerary of the Sentiero delle Espressioni in a ring.

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Difference in altitude: 370 m

Difficulty: easy (E)

Travel time: h. 3.00 / 3.30

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