Obstacles to face, difficulties to overcome, paths to follow…
With a bicycle and a helmet available.

Be careful not to underestimate the paths. Always check the weather before leaving and leave a message telling you where you are going.

TECHNICAL EQUIPMENT – Bring a puncture repair kit. – Mechanical vehicle in perfect condition. – Appropriate clothing for MTB. – First aid kit. – Mandatory helmet. Remember that even a simple puncture can be a big problem. On asphalted roads, avoid traveling side by side and obstructing traffic. And now the helmet is securely fastened on your head... and have fun!

USEFUL INFORMATION – It is possible to rent MTBs by contacting:

Valle Intelvi ebike: Centro Valle Intelvi (Co), loc. San Fedele – via Provinciale n. 30 – rental of pedal-assisted Mountain Bike Cube with front suspension 500 mAh battery – 250 watt Bosch motor – rental includes helmet and gloves – Accompanied excursions. For info, packages for families and companies and reservations www.ebikevalleintelvi.it – Tel. +39 3384512989 – email: mariocarminati64@gmail.com

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Guti Bike Rent: Argegno (Co) – via Spluga 5 – rental of Giant electric bikes – Accompanied excursions. For info and reservations www.gutibikerent.com – Tel. +39 3895539775 – email: info@gutibikerent.com

Eco-BIKE INTELVI: Alta Valle Intelvi (Co) – Loc. Lanzo, Piazza M. Novi n. 6 – E-Bike rental:

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Bicisport2000: Lenno (co) – via Rima – MTB and racing bike rental, collection only on site, not for children. For info and reservations  0344 56565.

For accompanied half-day or full-day excursions: contact Tina Fraquelli, national MTB and road bike guide. Contacts: Tel. 338 4786736 – email: tina.fraquelli@gmail.com


Orient Ring with departure and arrival from Centro Valle Intelvi – loc. San Fedele. Challenging route that can be cycled at 95% of approximately 40 km, only for trained bikers. References: departure from Centro Valle Intelvi, loc. San Fedele in the direction of locality. Casasco, Colli Fioriti, take the mule track on the left, Cerano, mule track to the Church of Santa Maria, mule track in the woods to Pian delle Alpi, Prabello refuge, G.Bruno refuge, Baita di Orimento, Belloni path trenches, Alpe Nuovo, arrival at location San Fedele (Intelvi Valley Center).

– Ring of Ponna Simple route, cycleable at 100%, approximately 7 km. Also suitable for families. References: Departure from Ponna, Tellero, Brugheria, Roccolo, Dosso Prai, Tellero, return to Ponna. Route entirely marked by yellow directional arrows.

– Argegno, Monte di Lenno, Argegno Very challenging route that can be cycled at 90% of approximately 45 km. Only suitable for trained bikers. References: starting from Argegno, go up to San Fedele and then Pigra with the provincial road; or you can go up comfortably by cable car to Pigra. So stops are Alpe di Colonno, Boffalora refuge and you go up to the Venini refuge. From here a very challenging dirt stretch begins, then a false flat up to the nearby Trenches of the Cadorna line; continue on the right on the former military road that goes around the Tremezzo mountain, always downhill keeping to the right until you enter a suggestive tunnel "passable in the dark because you can see the exit" and you emerge into a beautiful rocky gorge. Continuing straight on the main track you can get to Croce di Menaggio and then on the cycle path you get to Porlezza; continue with the provincial road up to Osteno where we recommend taking the mule track that crosses Ramponio (San Pancrazio).

– location Lanzo, Sighignola, loc. Lanzo, locality. Ramponio, Caslè, loc. Lanzo Simple route, cycleable 100%, approximately 22 km. Suitable for even less trained bikers. References: From Alta Valle Intelvi, loc. Lanzo, towards the ski lift departure station (Via A. Spazzi), the summit of Mount Sighignola can be easily reached via a path and carriage road, which passes near the ski lift arrival station. At the top of the mountain there is the square called "Balcony of Italy" with a beautiful view of the Grisons Alps up to Monviso and the Apennines". Descend from the fast asphalted provincial road to the town of Lanzo, towards Ramponio, Caslé, a fast 5 km dirt ring. Where you can see Cuppelliform boulders of prehistoric age. Arrival at the center of the hamlet.

Argegno Lazy Argegno Challenging route suitable for expert, all mountain and enduro bikers. The mule track that connects the mountains to the lake runs on a very panoramic route with a descent of approximately 1 hour and a half with a difference in altitude of 600 metres. References: Departure from Argegno, take the cable car up to Pigra and from the town church you go down a breathtaking descent also suitable for all mountain enthusiasts, cross the small town of Muronico and arrive in Argegno all on a dirt road.

– location San Fedele, Ermogna, Capanna Bruno, Orimento, loc. San Fedele TB Valle Intelvi Annual Race Itinerary Beautiful and panoramic route appreciated by competitors in the last four years (about 200 every year!). It runs for about 30 km, can be pedaled at 95%, it is challenging and only for trained bikers if done at race pace, but certainly pleasant for anyone who loves sport if taken slowly. Departure from Centro Valle Intelvi, loc. San Fedele (Piazza Carminati); you reach the town of Casasco on asphalt and continue towards Pian d'Alpe. From here the mule track goes up and touches the rural towns of Ermogna, Carolza, Capanna Bruno, Mater, Orimento, then a steep stretch through the woods reaches Alpe Nuovo, then descends to Alpe Lissiga di Pellio (Alta Valle Intelvi) – with agriturismo - from here we take the provincial road for the return. For info: teambikevalleintelvi@gmail.com – FB Team Bike Valle Intelvi


Further routes available on www.valleintelvi.it Art, Nature and Culture in the Intelvi Valley – MTB and walking routes

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