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Monte Generoso ring total ascent h. 3, difference in altitude approximately 900+ 400 (for second variant) difficulty MS, various exposures, descent on large slopes.
Recommended period: mid-winter – Check the avalanche bulletin. Departure San Fedele Intelvi, loc. Alpe Grande (parking) at an altitude of 1050 m. In case of snow-covered roads, we recommend starting directly from the locality. Bolla (large car park) avoiding reaching Alpe Grande. Go up to Orimento (altitude 1250 m) along the path along the former ski lifts and then into the woods towards. NW. (about 30 minutes).
Follow the mule track of the lower path to Generoso: cross the wooden bridge, go up the path towards the SW, first in the woods and then in the scenic pine forest up to the crest (50 minutes). Go up the panoramic coast, with various slopes, for almost its entire length. Then turn left towards the obvious nozzle and go up the last steep stretch to the ski mountaineering summit at an altitude of 1650 m (30 minutes).
Descent: along the NE slope up to Alpe Pesvò (1360 m), take the mule track that takes you back to the wooden bridge and then to Orimento. Here there are two possibilities: – Follow the asphalt road for 600-700 meters and descend along the obvious trace of the old ski lift until you return to the car. – Go up the ridge of Monte Crocione (Pizzo della Croce) – 1490 m – until the arrival of the former ski lift with buildings (30 minutes) and then descend the steep and fun north side, with various possibilities, until the departure of the former lifts in Loc. Bolla (1090 m) – Restaurant. Take the well-marked path in the woods on the left, behind the farmhouse, which takes you back to Orimento and then follow the first variant to return to the car.

Valle Intelvi
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