Sasso Gordona

Sasso Gordona

Mount symbol of the Intelvi Valley.

It is advisable to arrive from Casasco by car to Alpe di Cerano, familiarly known as Pian delle Alpi: here there is a picnic area; you then have to continue on foot for an hour up to Prabello, where there is a CAI refuge of Monte Olimpino: to climb to the top of the most characteristic peak of the Intelvi Valley the ascent, lasting about an hour, is steep and slippery , but rewarded by a beautiful view.

Descending from the other side of Sasso Gordona you arrive at Colma delle Crocette, which can also be reached by mule track from Posa (Schignano) and connected to the Via dei Monti Lariani.

How to reach Pian delle Alpi:

by car: from Piazza GB Carminati (Centro Valle Intelvi, locality San Fedele) continue on the provincial road towards Alta Valle Intelvi – Lanzo; after passing the Shopping Center, turn left onto Via Casasco (first street on the left after the Shopping Center) and continue straight until reaching loc. Casasco; from here continue straight for 3.5 km following the signs for “Piano delle Alpi” or “Erbonne” (in Pian delle Alpi you will find a picnic area and the Crotto Pian d'Alpe).


To find out in detail the routes to reach Prabello and Sasso Gordona we invite you to visit mountain portal at the following link:


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