Claino with Osteno is a municipality located on the Italian side of Lake Lugano of 544 inhabitants, located at an altitude of 280 meters above sea level. It covers an area of 1290 hectares and is made up of several hamlets, of which the two most important give the town its name. Other hamlets are: san Lucius, Barclaino, Rescia, Righeggia.

One of these hamlets stands on the ruins of an ancient fort, as suggested by its compact conformation, of which the remains of the walls and tower are still visible. This fact also explains the name of the only square in the town, called "Piazza del Forte". This town had an important role during the Middle Ages and in the following centuries given its strategic position, since it constituted the access point to the Val D'Intelvi.

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Valle Intelvi
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