Casasco d'Intelvi it is a locality located at a height of 822 meters. This area was already inhabited in Neolithic times, in fact cupelli-shaped erratic boulders have been found which testify to the presence of human settlements. Traces of the Ligurian period remain in the name of this town, since in the language of this ancient population the endings in ascus were very frequent.
In 1335 it was part of the Pieve d'Intelvi and later passed into the hands of various feudal families in the area. Finally it became part of the province of How and the current name of “Casasco d'Intelvi” dates back to 1863. Since January 2018, the largest municipality of has been created Intelvi Valley Centre of which it is part together with Castiglionand and San Fedele Intelvi.

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Valle Intelvi
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