Along the Como Riviera, in the Telo di Argegno torrent and in the Telo di Osteno torrent (pay attention to the signs for prohibited areas).

Available in the Municipalities:

Claino with Osteno: at the mouth of the Telo stream, for a radius of 50 metres.

Silver: from the Belvedere hotel up to 100 meters north of the mouth of the Telo stream, for a width of 150 meters from the shore.

USEFUL INFORMATION Sport fishing is a serious matter and those who practice it must have good behavior while respecting nature. It is regulated by the Province. The first thing you need to do to fish is to have a Fishing License. Residents in Lombardy must have a type B license, lasting one year, residents abroad type D, lasting three months. Without a license, only those under the age of 13 can fish with a fishing rod.

FISH PROTECTION AREAS (fishing allowed only from shore, with a single rod)

Valle Intelvi
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