Lanzo d'Intelvi it is a location that extends over an area of 1004 hectares at an altitude of 907 meters above sea level. The first traces of human presence date back to prehistory, while the two Avelli boulders that were found in the area of Scaria they date back to the 2nd-3rd century BC. The municipality participated in the ten-year war between How and Milan siding with the former, and later passed into the hands of various feudal families, including the Rusca, the Marliani and the Riva Andreotti.
Giuseppe Mazzini went there several times to organize the expedition against the Austrians together with Andrea Brenta, which ended with the latter's shooting. Since January 2017 the largest municipality of has been created Upper Intelvi Valley of which it is part together with Ramponio Verna And Pellio Intelvi.

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Watch the video of Villages of Italy

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