Mount San Zeno

monte san zeno

Another mountain symbol of the Intelvi Valley, with a privileged view of the lake and the Comacina Island.

The small church, already a destination for medieval pilgrims, was recently rebuilt in Romanesque style, with a beautiful bell tower. An easy and short route (an hour) starting from Pian delle Alpi. The itinerary becomes more challenging if you start from Schignano or Cerano.

How to reach Pian delle Alpi:

by car: from Piazza GB Carminati (Centro Valle Intelvi, locality San Fedele) continue on the provincial road towards Alta Valle Intelvi – Lanzo; after passing the Shopping Center, turn left onto Via Casasco (first street on the left after the Shopping Center) and continue straight until reaching loc. Casasco; from here continue straight for 3.5 km following the signs for “Piano delle Alpi” or “Erbonne” (in Pian delle Alpi you will find a picnic area and the Crotto Pian d'Alpe).

To find out the route in detail, we invite you to visit mountain portal at the following link:

By Andrea Zoppolato – Milan City State – VAL D'INTELVI: an island among the LAKES (one hour from Milan)

Valle Intelvi
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