Path of the trenches

Percorso delle trincee

Difference in altitude: 485 m – Travel time: h. 4.30 – Difficulty: Easy
The Trenches Route crosses the Monte Generoso Forest, the municipality of Alta Valle Intelvi, loc. Pellio Superiore until reaching Lanzo and the border with Switzerland.
Monte Generoso (1701 m) is the highest peak in the Intelvi Valley. Due to its strategic position it played an important role in the defensive plans of the OAFN
The itinerary offers an excursion to discover the fortifications built with admirable technical ability during the First World War by soldiers and workers, who knew how to exploit the natural characteristics of the territory for the positioning of the trenches.
ASCENT: the recommended departure is from the Valmara Customs in Alta Valle Intelvi, loc. Lanzo (840 m: panel, arrows). The route passes through twelve levels of trenches, first encountering the Sasso Bové (1,015 m) with the trench near the border stone, then the military site of the Baracche (994 m), and above, trench no. 8, the Command Post , the largest and most important of the itinerary, finally touching the Barco dei Montoni (1,350 m).
DESCENT: you can descend to Alpe di Gotta (1,250 m), continue towards the monumental Foo di Bait (spring), pass through Foo di Parol (monumental beech), follow in the footsteps of the smugglers and return to Valmara.

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