In the Lario Intelvese area, the extensive and powerful coverings of sedimentary-carbonate rocks have allowed the formation of karst phenomena, both superficial and underground.

DIFFICULTY' – Caving is a potentially dangerous activity and many of the caves listed require knowledge of rope progression and appropriate materials. In some, there is also the risk of "full" for the siphons which, if filled, could create serious difficulties. Anchors, (Oct. 2013), are generally considered exploratory/barely sufficient, with possible integration needs.

USEFUL INFORMATION – For general information and to experience the thrill of a descent into a cave, accompanied by qualified speleological guides (with specific equipment rental), contact Antonio 335 5480 565 Salandin San Fedele Intelvi footwear shop opening hours.
Bibliography: Italian cadastre of natural cavities – Caves in the province of Como, A. Bini – Lombardy Dentro, A. Buzio and M. Pozzo – Abysses and Caves in Lombardy, A. Buzio.


Pizzala LoCo 2196 Municipality of Brienno, Monte Comana, Moltrasio limestone, entrance altitude 285, length 640 m, difference in altitude -60; +20m, trend: equipment slide and horizontal diver, material: normal rope progression, notes: siphon.

Buco della Volpe LoCo 2210 Cernobbio, loc. Rovenna-monti Scarone, Mt. Bisbino, calc. Moltrasio, q. 635 development, 2015, disl. +115; -49, sub Orrinz trend with verticals for the bottom, normal equipment. progress. Rope.

Zocca D'Ass LoCo 2212 Moltrasio, Zocca d'Ass mountains, mt Bisbino, calc. Moltr, q. 915, development 550, disl. +24;-107, mixed trend, rope equipment, notes: entry on p. private (cellar with door).

Alpe Madrona LoCo 2281 Moltrasio, Alpe Madrona, Mt Bisbino, calc Moltr, q 915 dev. 568, disl. -130, rope equipment; Note: some technical steps.

Nevera (system) LoCo 2693 S. Fedele Int, Alpe Squadrina, Mt. Generoso, calc Moltr, q 1142, dev. 2018 disl. +25;-330, mixed trend with decent vertical succession, normal progress equipment, quite demanding and relatively low temperatures for the altitude and exposure.

Immacolata LoCo 2698 S. Fedele Int, alpe Orimento-Squadrina, Mt Generoso, calc Moltr, q 1140, dev. 2268, disl. +5; -325, mixed trend with rolling mill and verticals. 2 entrances.

Buco della Rotella LoCo 2211 Griante, Nava mountains, Mt Dossone, altitude 875, dolomite, elevation 120, drop. 87, vertical trend, normal rope equipment. Unique beautiful fractional vertical.

Bucone di Tremezzo LoCo 2223 Tremezzo municipality, Sassi di Nava locality, Mt Dossone, main dolomite, altitude 478 development 541 (extension 205 m) disl +48; -14 – horizontal progression on two superimposed levels, no rope equipment, approach with exposed passages (climbing III) protected by unreliable chains.

TOURIST CAVES – accessible without equipment

GENEROUS CAVE (or Bear's Cave) – LoCo 2694 Centro Valle Intelvi, variant of the “low” path to Mt Generoso, q 1450 dev. over 200, 70 meters open to visitors, entrance fee. From the car park in Orimento the path begins which takes about an hour to reach the cave. After a few minutes you reach a small wooden bridge: go up on the left through the woods up to Alpe Pesvò di Mezzo (1368 m) with the remains of a rural settlement in dry stone: once upon a time nine families lived here with 400 cattle.
Attention: the site is abandoned and rather unsafe. The path then climbs steeply up to the "Sella d'Orimento", with a magnificent view of Ceresio. Continue along a wide, flat path and in a few minutes you arrive at the entrance to the "bear's cave", a cavity dug by water over millions of years, which contains a fossiliferous deposit. The Pleistocene paleontological site (over 50,000 years ago) was the subject of research by scholars from the University of Milan. The excavations, carried out over the course of 20 years, brought to light over 40,000 fossils of the Ursus Spelaeus, the cave bear (extinct for 15,000 years), but not only that; the remains have made it possible to identify the animals that lived in this area: many small mammals (mice, voles and shrews), the giant deer or megacerus (with antlers opening another 3.5 metres), the elk, the ibex, the wolf, the brown bear. Some worked flints attest to the presence of Neanderthal Man.

To book your visit

RESCIA CAVES – 22010 Claino con Osteno (Co), Via Porlezza 63 (in front of the campsite) – development. 87, entrance fee. From a natural opening you will have access to the 7 Caves of Rescia and you will admire the power of the water which over the centuries has dug tunnels and allowed the formation of imposing stalactites and stalagmites in tuff. Great surprises await you: the lake cave, the art cave and the Santa Giulia waterfall, approx. 70 meters. An opportunity not to be missed and highly recommended: Christmas in a cave. – Easy access: anti-slip walkway and railings. – Access for disabled people with wheelchairs possible only in the first cave.

For information: – email: – tel. 0344 72520335 5445696

BEAR HOLE – LoCo 2207 Laglio, loc monti di Torriggia, Mt Colmegnome, q 615, dev. 300, disl. Nobody.
Note: closed with gate for collection, keys in the Town Hall (Tel. 031 400 048)

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