Pellio d'Intelvi it is a location that extends over an area of 999 hectares at an altitude of 750 meters above sea level and was born from the union of Inferior Pellium And Superior Pellium. There is not much information from the prehistoric period, but the presence of a human settlement in the Middle Ages is well demonstrated by the remains of an ancient fortified building. The town passed into the hands of various feudal families, among which we find the Camuzzi, the Rusca, the Marliani and the Riva Andreotti. Almost all the male inhabitants of the municipality were experts in construction and this was responsible for the presence of a large number of decorations and embellishments on the buildings of the town.
Since January 2017 the largest municipality of has been created Upper Intelvi Valley of which it is part together with Ramponio Verna And Lanzo Intelvi.

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Valle Intelvi
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