Corniga - Alpe di Colonno

Length: 5.8 km – Max difference in altitude: 620 m (- 160 m) – Duration: approx 2 h


Path, starting from the square of the Pigra Workers' Society (890 m), up to Corniga it is easy and winds through chestnut and beech woods; after about 100 meters you will find the Chapel of the Madonna del Soccorso with one of the 7 crosses nearby. Of real interest is the watering hole called "Pané di Mezza Cavalla", past which you reach the Terman crossroads, where you will have to proceed right downhill towards the Lomia huts.

You then cross the Camoggia stream (called “Mulino” by the Pigresi) and continuing uphill you first reach the few houses of Serta (830 m) and finally Corniga (760 m).

This was an ancient village of shepherds and smugglers, whose houses and stables have recently been restored preserving the characteristic stone walls and cobbled streets. The small church with a portico dedicated to Sant'Anna, dated 1631, and, behind it, the nevera, are delightful.

From Corniga you can continue to Alpe di Colonno (1,322 m) in about an hour and a half along a very panoramic and sunny dirt path that crosses the town of Solasco. [It should be noted that the difference in altitude between Corniga and Alpe di Colonno is approximately 600 m).

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