Available in the Municipalities: INTELVI VALLEY CENTER – HIGH INTELVI VALLEY


The little horse, Centro Valle Intelvi – loc. San Fedele. Tel. Micaela 335 5715486 ACSI, CONI affiliated center – basic courses for children and adults, introduction to competitive sports and summer camps open to all children. – http://www.ilcavallinoasd.it/

The Bivouac, Alta Valle Intelvi – loc. Pian delle Noci. Tel. Sabrina 347 5415594 – Marina 3292550676. The “Bisbino Horses” are hosted here

La Nevera, Upper Intelvi Valley – loc. Rondanino. Tel. Francesca 335 1795654 – Also hippotherapy. The ASSOCIATION FOR EQUESTRIAN TOURISM OF THE LARIANI MOUNTAINS is based in La Nevera, which organizes horse trekking in the Intelvi Valley. Info and reservations: Luigi 333 8654 921rigatti.luigi@yahoo.it
If you do not have riding clothing, you must present yourself with sports clothing; safety clothing, such as a helmet and corset, is provided by the riding centres. – http://www.lanevera.it/equitazione/

DIFFICULTY' – Up to 4 years of age it is practiced with pony horses; the structures in the valley provide activities for every difficulty.

USEFUL INFORMATION – Horses are certainly affectionate animals, but they scare easily. This is why you must always be careful in their presence. Caught by surprise, the horse may become frightened, suddenly swerve and run away. A rider must always be attentive to his position. A horse can be excited, happy or angry, as we are. His different attitudes can make it clear what he feels or what he is about to do. In any case, trust the riding instructors for the first approaches.

Valle Intelvi
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