The ring of the Lace of the Cross from Orimento

Anello del pizzo


from Centro Valle Intelvi – San Fedele Intelvi (Piazza Carminati) continue on the Provincial Road towards Alta Valle Intelvi (Lanzo).

After approximately 400 meters you will see along the road (on the left) a large building with a large writing “SHOPPING CENTRE”;

Turn onto the second street on the left after the shopping center;

Always straight, follow the signs for “ORAMENTO” and then “BAITA DI ORAMENTO” (7 km);

Once you reach Orimento you will find a place to park and a restaurant (Baita di Orimento);

Leaving the parking lot behind, follow the road LEFT and follow the “MATER” sign:

Anello del pizzo
After passing the sign, keeping left, the path is immediately straight, very sunny and open.
Anello del pizzo
The first stretch (from Orimento to the Mater) is completely flat, very exposed to the sun and with a beautiful view of Lake Como at the finish line (1st stretch duration: 40 minutes)
Anello del pizzo
Anello del pizzo
Anello del pizzo
Anello del pizzo
You can then choose to go back to where you started or complete the ring by continuing towards Capanna Bruno (about another 35 minutes - descent) and then towards Orimento (another 50 minutes - slight climb with 100 m difference in altitude).
Valle Intelvi
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