The Schignano Basin

Conca di Schignano

The itinerary winds along a circular route through theINTELVI VALLEY REGIONAL FOREST” (81.85 hectares).

Departure and arrival: Schignano – Fraz. Perla – Distance 9 km – time: 3.30 hours. Difficulty T.

Climb the steep mule track towards Alpe di Bedolo and continue uphill to the military road that goes around the slopes of Sasso Gordona, pass Colma di Schignano, then descend first across the meadow and then into the woods towards Roccolo del Messo. You reach the panoramic point of Pian d'Erba on level ground and descend to Alpe di Comana (agriturismo): here the forest comes to life in the Sentiero delle Espressioni with creatures carved in wood. From here you descend into the pasture to Alpe Nava, you leave the mule track for Fontanella (monumental beech) and descend to Almanno, finally from Cugnolo you descend to Vesbio and return to Perla

Valle Intelvi
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