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An opportunity not to forget our past.

The Milk Museum was created in the "Cerano Dairy" with exhibition and educational purposes, to enhance agricultural resources and local heritage: typical products, but also local tradition and culture.

The Milk Museum is the place where the technological and ethnographic traditions of milk processing in the Intelvi Valley are collected and preserved.

In the Museum there are churns, congas, molds, brentel, a beautiful culdera... but also something alive: in fact, a film shot in the early 1980s has been recovered in which the inhabitants of the town proudly tell and show the ancient professions: carpentry, the cheesemaker, the farmer, the painter, wool processing. A unique opportunity not to forget our origins and the value of our past.


At the end of the 19th century, the small milk producers of the municipality of Cerano d'Intelvi created a social dairy to be able to store the small quantities of milk produced in excess of those intended for self-consumption and calf rearing. It was a shift dairy in which the various members carried out, according to pre-established shifts, the processing of the milk of all the suppliers. The member-cheesemaker could keep all the product obtained, selling it and committing himself to selling his milk to the other members in the future until he had returned the entire quantity of milk lent.

In other cases the members were worried

In the dairy you can visit:

  • Milk reception room
  • Processing room
  • Maturing cellars

The museum is a cultural opportunity to learn about the past, not only through processing tools, but also through everyday objects. A life very different from ours, harder and full of sacrifices in our eyes, but certainly true and in close contact with nature.


tel. 031 817110 – Cerano Town Hall

cell. 391 4630872



MUNICIPAL STATEMENT OF CERANO D'INTELVI (City Council Resolution no. 41 of 10.09.2020): given the temporary transfer of the nursery school to the multipurpose room and the Milk Museum until the completion of the adaptation and expansion works of the school itself - it will only be possible to visit the shift dairy until further notice.


By Andrea Dispenza – Milanodabere

By Corinna Agostoni – Beyond the Balcony. A flowery window onto the world

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Edited Corinna Agostoni – Beyond the Balcony. A flowery window onto the world:

Museum Route in the Intelvi Valley | trailer Milk Museum of Cerano d'Intelvi – a documentary by Andrea Priori – Foto Idea by San Fedele Intelvi (Co):

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