San Fedele Intelvi is a town of 1808 inhabitants located at an altitude of 779 meters above sea level.
Its foundation dates back to thousands of years ago, since this area has been inhabited since prehistoric times, as evidenced by some erratic boulders cupelliformi found by archaeologists.
Near the village was also discovered a necropolis, whose excavations have unearthed several artifacts of the eighth century BC; there are also a number of Roman tombs.
In the twelfth century a church and a castle were built: the main facade, now home of the post office, is still visible.
Initially, the territory was under the jurisdiction of the Municipality of Como, but in the thirteenth century it became a fief of the Camuzzi family; it then became property of the Rusconi family, following that of the Marliani and finally the Riva Andreotti.
San Fedele was the first headquarters of the District Commissionership and of the Judicial District of the Third Canton district.
The town was the home of Andrea Brenta, one of the protagonists of the intelvese insurrection against the Austrians.

Since 1° january 2018 it has become an hamlet of the municipality of Centro Valle Intelvi with Castiglione and Casasco d'Intelvi.



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