Castiglione d'Intelvi

The village of Castiglione d'Intelvi counts 1182 inhabitants and it is located at an altitude of 650 meters above sea level. After the end of the decade-long war between Como and Milan, this feud became a possession of the Camozzi family, which built a castle with a tower: that’s where the actual name of the village came from. Of these two buildings only few ruins have survived, while the fortified house built by subsequent owners, the Mariani family, has been preserved intact. The Rusconi family then took possession of Castiglione, which in 1527 was taken over by Gian Giacomo de’ Medici il Medeghino. It was then the main village of the valley during the Austrian domination of Italy.

Since 1° january 2018 it has become an hamlet of the municipality of Centro Valle Intelvi with San Fedele and Casasco d'Intelvi.



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